Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In-game Screenshots!


  1. I just want to say, this game is looking amazing! The artstyle, the visuals, the atmosphere, it's all looking fantastic! And the fact that it's going to be a storydriven puzzle game gets me even more excited!

    But finding any sort of info about this has been pretty tough. In fact, finding this blog took me a bloody hour! Is this the place where I can keep myself updated the best? Because I'm really looking forward to supporting it with Kickstarter or Patreon or whatever you fancy, and I hope to see a great release!

    1. Thank you so much for liking our art style!

      We are considering KS or Patreon but we haven't done much about them yet...but we will surely let you know if we are going to put our game on either of them.

      Sorry for the hard searching, we are still learning how to promote ourselves. >< You can follow us on Facebook, I think this is the spot that I update our game info the most frequently. =)

  2. Alright, cool c:
    I have a few questions though, just out of curiosity.

    The first thing I'm wondering about is ABI's gameplay. From the trailers, it looks like the main gameplay is pretty much interacting with the environments, kind of like LIMBO if you know about that. Is this the case, or is there some bigger focus we haven't seen yet?

    Second thing I'm wondering about is you developers running this fresh new "Grant&Bert Studios". The ABI homepage presents "designers" at the bottom with just 4 avatars and no names or links. Who are the developers and designers of ABI and Grant&Bert Studios, and for that matter, who are "Grant" and "Bert" if any? What are their/your experiences in video game making and digital art?

    I'm assuming some, if not all of you are Chinese since the ABI homepage is in Chinese by default. It would be interesting to know a bit more about you guys c:

  3. Yep they have some similarities. In Abi you need to use AWDSpacebar keys control the character movement yourself. You also have special keys to interact environments or switch characters.

    Well actually we are really, really new to the industry. We have a total of 5 members working full-time (our dear programmer keeps forgetting giving me his avatar so that's why there are only 4 avatars on the website ><). Only 2 members have 3 years' working experience in the game industry.

    "Grant" and "Bert" are actually the names for the goose and the otter in our studio logo. Yep we love those animals so we gave each of them a name. =3

    And yes, we are all Chinese. We are currently based in Shanghai.

  4. That's awesome! Thanks for the answers c:
    Really looking forward to more news about the game!

    I wish you good luck in your development :3

  5. this is looking great! cant wait to see this game coming out!

  6. Hi,

    This game is very nice and poetic and we're going to organise an evening "show" in the library where I work to present it to some of our users.

    But I would have a question about that : would it be possible to use the second "ingame screenshot" presented in this page to make a promotial placard for this event (which is free and with no commercial purposes).

    Thanks in advance for any anwsers you could make

    Chears Nicolas