Friday, October 28, 2016

Good news, everyone!

We are joining Melbourne PAX at Melbourne Convention Centre from 4-6 November! Woohoo this is our very first time being actual game exhibitors and we are super excited about it! If you find two friendly but confusing human beings sitting behind Booth INT01 (which is at PAX Rising area), yep, that's us (we REALLY have no idea what to do. Damn we are getting nervous now.)

Aaaaanyway, come and say hello folks! We'll see you there=D

Booth INT01 remember! @@

Here are the maps.



  1. So, how was it? Caught some public interest? Meet some cool people?
    If only I could've been there, but, you know, I'm kinda 14,000 kilometers away...

    1. It was super fun (and tired XD)! There were lots more people than we expected. We received almost 200 feedbacks from both players and developers. Yep, looks like people really love our art style and game story. =D